Vintage Vanity Desk attr. to Pietro Chiesa


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Embark on a journey of timeless elegance

with the Vanity desk attributed to Pietro Chiesa; experience the allure of 1930s glamour in Italian design.

A Glorious Tribute to Art Deco Craftsmanship

In a captivating dance with history, there exists a magnificent vintage treasure that embodies the very essence of elegance and charm – the Vanity desk attributed to the ingenious artisan, Pietro Chiesa. A marvel from the glamorous 1930s, this Italian masterpiece transcends time, offering a unique allure that captivates the hearts of design enthusiasts and art collectors alike. Stepping into the opulent 1930s, an era where luxury reigned, this Vanity desk stands as a testament to Italian craftsmanship. A solid rectangular golden base, reminiscent of a gilded dream, gracefully supports two exquisite glass slabs, evoking the spirit of Art Deco allure. Each delicate stroke of Chiesa’s hand showcases the sublime artistry of a bygone era, where sophistication met precision to create a work of art that echoes through time.

A Journey through Function and Beauty

As the enchanting drawers glide open with the touch of wooden handles, one is greeted by a symphony of space and organization. This Vanity desk harmoniously blends form and function, beckoning you to place your cherished belongings within its embrace. Adorned with wood and glass, it epitomizes the Art Deco aesthetic, serving equally as a luxurious entranceway marvel or a statement piece for the bedroom, exuding timeless allure.

Reflecting Beauty – A Dance with Mirrors

At its summit, a celestial spectacle awaits, drawing you closer with a magnetic pull. Two grand wooden doors, like a portal to elegance, swing open to reveal a trio of mirrors nestled within. A central masterpiece, adorned with a glimmering frame, generously reflects your grace, while the two accompanying mirrors hidden within the doors grant you multiple angles to admire your beauty.

Bathed in Radiance – Illuminating the Soul

As the daylight fades and the moon casts its silver glow, a tender embrace of light emanates from within. A neon light, elegantly suspended by brass hooks, graces the top of the central mirror. Its soft luminescence creates a captivating ambiance, illuminating not just the reflection in the mirror, but the very essence of one’s soul.

Pietro Chiesa – A Visionary Soul

Behind this enchanting creation stands the visionary artist, Pietro Chiesa, a master of design who breathed life into this marvel. A man of unparalleled ingenuity, Chiesa’s legacy endures through his exceptional craftsmanship and unmatched attention to detail, evident in every delicate stroke of this timeless masterpiece.

In Conclusion – An Allure Beyond Time

In this treasure from the past, we find a connection between eras, a bridge that unites the glamour of the 1930s with the contemporary desire for beauty and functionality. The Vanity desk attr. to Pietro Chiesa whispers tales of timeless elegance, inviting you to embark on a journey of discovery and embrace its poetic grace in the embrace of your home. A true masterpiece from the heart of Italy, this exquisite creation shall forever weave its magic into the tapestry of your life, evoking emotions and enchantment that transcend the boundaries of time.

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Height: 72.83 in (185 cm)
Width: 41.33 in (105 cm)
Depth: 12.20 in (31 cm)


The Vanity desk attr. to Pietro Chiesa is in excellent and original vintage condition, the structure is solid and robust, but obviously has some scratches and some small imperfections in the wood due to wear and tear. It is advisable to replace the neon wiring as it is also original from the period.