Vintage Shanghai Chandelier in Brass and Black Painted Brass


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Rare brass Shangai chandelier designed in the 1950s, fine Italian manufacture. The chandelier consists of a brass cup that connects it to the ceiling, to which wires are connected that support the chandelier. The body is made of black-painted brass rods, crossed with each other, creating a Shanghai effect, from which the chandelier takes its name. There are 24 patina-gilt brass lampshades, each of which houses a single light. The chandelier is extravagant and rare, suitable for eccentric settings.


Height: 115 cm (45.28 in.)

Diameter: 147 cm (57.87 in.)


The chandelier is in excellent and original VINTAGE condition, light wear consistent with use and time. Brass in patina. We recommend having the cables wired to fit modern and local requirements.