Vintage Medic Anatomical Bust by Paravia Torino


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Mid-century Italian anatomical bust produced in the 1960s by Produzione Scientifica Paravia, known for its accurate anatomy models.
This anatomical bust was created by improving upon papermaking methods begun in about 1891. Anatomical model from 1960 on a wood plate. These methods resulted in models that are resistant to dry air and moisture. The exterior of the anatomical bust is shown flayed in half revealing the muscular structure of the body, the chest and abdomen consist of a removable section that is attached by metal clips to the main body, removal of the plate reveals internal organs not present. The interior and exterior of the anatomical bust are painted and lacquered to further represent a human torso and its structure, the figure is supported on a base constructed from a dark, tightly grained wood. The anatomical bust is made of fibrous paste surrounding a wire and wood frame, layers of fiber are applied to the paste to create a substrate to which a white background (plaster) is applied, this background provides the base to which arteries and veins made of wire are applied. Both the interior and exterior of the anatomical bust are lacquered: the many colors used include reds and blues (representing oxygenated or oxygen-depleted areas) as well as ochres, browns and greens.
This antique hand-painted anatomical bust model was made for school use.
It is made of paper mache and plaster on wood and is also a large model. It also has a stand on the back but is nice to use as a wall decoration.
The anatomical bust is in vintage condition with traces of age and use, is incomplete, has some paint loss, but remains a decorative piece with absolute charm.


Height: 93 cm (36.61 in.)

Width: 50 cm (19.68 in.)

Depth: 33 cm (13.00 in.)


The anatomical bust is in good and original vintage condition, scratches, wear and misses consistent with its time and use.