Vintage Italian Red Faux Leather Stools


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 Explore the elegance of these Italian Stools from the 1960s, masterfully crafted in red faux leather, embodying minimalism with a twist of vibrant originality.

Step into a world of vintage Italian design with this pair of stools from the 1960s. Crafted during a golden era of design, these pieces highlight the simplicity and originality that Italian craftsmanship is celebrated for.

Design and Aesthetics

The standout feature of these stools is their visually striking red faux leather upholstery, a bold choice that exudes vitality and passion. The color enhances any space it occupies, bringing with it an infusion of energy and style. The design of the legs is particularly captivating; their unique structure creates an optical illusion where they converge into a nearly central point before expanding out again at the base. This not only offers a fascinating visual appeal but also ensures the stools’ stability and durability.

Material and Condition

These stools have withstood the test of time and are in excellent original vintage condition. The faux leather is intact without any tears, showcasing their well-preserved integrity. Minor scratches and light wear are present, narrating the rich history and frequent use over the decades, yet these aspects do not detract from their charm but rather enhance it.

Functional Elegance

More than just pieces of furniture, these stools represent a slice of history and a beacon of timeless style. They are perfect for those who cherish minimalistic yet unique designs and wish to add a vintage Italian flair to their decor. Ideal for any setting that values sophistication and a touch of the unique, these stools promise to transform any space into an elegant oasis.


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Height: 42 cm

Width: 33 cm

Depth: 24 cm


The stools are in excellent condition, bearing minimal signs of wear consistent with age and use. Their enduring structure and vibrant upholstery continue to offer both beauty and functionality.