Vintage Italian armchairs attr. to Paolo Buffa


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Enter a realm where time has stood still, where the essence of mid-century Italian design comes to life in the form of an elegant pair of armchairs.

Discover the armchairs by Paolo Buffa

These are no ordinary chairs; they are a testament to the creative genius of Paolo Buffa, a master of his craft during the iconic 1950s. Here is the embodiment of an era that embraced innovation while paying homage to classic sophistication. Made of wood, these armchairs are a symphony of lines that echo the spirit of an era marked by exquisite taste and attention to detail.

The contours speak to a time when form was as important as function, when every curve was meticulously crafted to create aesthetic pleasure. Let your eyes linger on the armrests that rise upwards, a graceful convergence that seems to invite you to rest. And as your gaze travels upward, a subtle curvature graces the arms, a flourish that adds an air of grace and glamour.

It’s as if the wood itself is bowing in acknowledgment of your presence, a gesture that speaks of the grace of a bygone era.The legs, pyramid-shaped, stand as pillars of the design philosophy of their time. A testament to the marriage of form and function, they elevate the chairs with an understated elegance that whispers of the creator’s understanding of beauty’s nuanced language. But it’s the fabric that wraps these chairs in a cloak of nostalgia. Original to their era, the green cotton fabric carries stories of days long past, an invitation to partake in the legacy of comfort and style.

The backrest, adorned with buttons, becomes a canvas of elegance, each button a stroke in a symphony of sophistication. Sit, and you’ll feel the fabric embrace you, the gentle touch of the past cradling you in comfort. The same fabric graces the seat, adorned with a delicate border and a petite fringe that caresses the edges. It’s a visual ode to a time when even the smallest details were imbued with artistic purpose. Picture them nestled in a room that exudes classic elegance, where the allure of history mingles with the comfort of the present.

These armchairs, a testament to Paolo Buffa’s ingenuity, are more than just furniture. They are vessels of time-travel, bridging the gap between generations and styles. Whether in a formal sitting room or a cozy reading nook, they evoke emotions that transcend time – a sense of grace, of artistry, of connection to a golden era.

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Height: 31.5 in (80 cm)

Width: 26.78 in (68 cm)

Depth: 29.14 in (74 cm)

Seat Height: 16.93 in (43 cm)


Wear consistent with age and use. Minor losses. In original condition, we find light scratches on the wood and buttons are missing. slight flaws. On request, a restoration apart from the sale is possible.