Unique Set of Three Futurist Tables


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Discover a set of three wooden tables from the Italian Futurist period, capturing the essence of 1920s-30s design. Perfect for adding a historical yet modern touch to any space.

Experience the daring and dynamic world of Italian Futurism with this striking set of three small tables. Originating from the vibrant 1920s-30s period, these tables embody the innovative and forward-thinking spirit of the era, showcasing a bold blend of function and avant-garde aesthetics.

Artistic Craftsmanship

Each table in this trio has been masterfully crafted from wood, featuring geometric forms and angular lines that are hallmark to the Futurist movement. Their design not only serves a practical purpose but also acts as a piece of sculptural art, making them a compelling focal point in any contemporary or historically inspired interior.


Position these tables as stand-alone pieces to accentuate a room or group them for a cohesive look that highlights their artistic and functional attributes. Their compact size makes them versatile for various placements, from side tables in a lounge area to unique bedside alternatives.


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Height: 41.5 cm

Width: 44 cm

Depth: 44 cm


These tables remain in their original condition, carrying the marks of time with slight wear and scratches that tell a story of their historical past. Such authentic patina adds to their allure, presenting not just utility but a genuine piece of design history.