Umberto Asnago for Giorgetti, Italian chest of drawers


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In the mesmerizing world of Italian design, the 1980s witnessed the birth of a legend – Umberto Asnago, a master of creativity and innovation.

Technical characteristics of the Umberto Asnago chest of drawers

From the heart of Italy emerged an ethereal sideboard, gracefully cradled in the arms of flowing, baroque curves, a testament to the visionary artistry of its creator. This marvel stood tall against the wall, an emblem of style, while concealing within its enchanting frame a vast storage volume, ready to hold the treasures of the soul.

Each curve looks like a brushstroke of elegance, paints a symphony of emotion on the wooden canvas. As if carrying echoes of a bygone era, it beckoned admirers to lose themselves in the indulgence of its flowing lines. Adorning each drawer are golden metal knobs, the subtle ornaments of this divine creation.

Peculiarities of the Umberto Asnago chest of drawers

As fingers brushed their cool surface, they sang an enchanting melody, inviting exploration and the discovery of the secrets hidden within. We find 4 larger drawers at the bottom, while in others we find 3 small drawers. The feet, a testament to the artisan’s dedication, stood as pillars of strength and beauty.

Details not to be underestimated

Painstakingly carved, they held the sideboard aloft, as if defying gravity with their elegance. With every step they took, they left an imprint upon the heart, a reminder that even the most mundane details can become works of art.

Embrace the elegance of Umberto Asnago’s marvel, designed for Giorgetti. Its flowing curves, smooth drawers, and exquisite details come together in a harmonious dance of beauty and function. With every breath, it weaves its spell, transforming rooms into enchanted spaces and souls into admirers of true artistic brilliance. This sideboard is a timeless treasure, an heirloom of emotions, awaiting its place in the hearts of those who seek to embrace the poetry of design.

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Height: 35.04 in (89 cm)

Width: 45.67 in (116 cm)

Depth: 22.45 in (57 cm)


Wear consistent with age and use. In Original condition, light scratches due to its age but in good condition.