Titina Ammannati, Giampiero Vitelli Chairs by Pozzi


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Indulge in a delightful symphony of design and craftsmanship with our exceptional set of four chairs, a collaboration between the visionary Titina Ammannati and Giampiero Vitelli.

Characteristics of Titina Ammannati, Giampiero Vitelli chairs

The TRANSENNA model, a true embodiment of artistry, is crafted from lustrous ash wood, showcasing a captivating array of colors in white, beige, and brown. Transport yourself back to the enchanting 1970s, where Italian ingenuity gave birth to these exquisite chairs, masterfully produced by Pozzi e Verga, Italy.

The chairs boast a structure unlike any other, a testament to the creative minds behind their conception. Feast your eyes on the back and seat, which reveal a special feature that leaves you in awe. The wood is woven with unparalleled skill, resembling a captivating chessboard pattern that evokes a sense of wonder.

This egregious weave cascades gracefully, flowing seamlessly towards the chairs’ feet, creating an enchanting play of geometrical patterns. With every glance, you’ll discover new dimensions, as if the chairs themselves were inviting you to unravel their secrets.

Peculiarities of Titina Ammannati, Giampiero Vitelli chairs

The interplay of colors from the lightest white to the warmest brown engenders a mesmerizing depth that breathes life into these exceptional chairs. As light dances upon the varying hues, it forms a symphony of light and dark, enlivening your surroundings with a symphony of emotions.

Where to place the Titina Ammannati, Giampiero Vitelli chairs

Place these extraordinary chairs in your informal dining rooms, and witness how they effortlessly become the heart of every gathering. As guests take their seats, they’ll be captivated by the chairs’ allure, sparking conversations and forging unforgettable memories.

In contemporary living rooms, the TRANSENNA chairs create an atmosphere of modernity and sophistication, becoming an artistic statement that resonates with your discerning taste. Let these chairs be a testament to your appreciation for true craftsmanship and design brilliance.

History and craftsmanship the Titina Ammannati, Giampiero Vitelli chairs

As you sit on these extraordinary chairs, you will feel a connection to the artistic heritage that is hidden in their very grain. This is not just furniture, but an experience, an emotion, a story that unfolds in every moment.

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Height: 29.53 in (75 cm)

Width: 20.87 in (53 cm)

Depth: 19.89 in (50.5 cm)

Seat Height: 18.9 in (48 cm)


In original condition there is no evidence of damage, only scratches due to its age. There is slight wear and tear on the white chair.