Rattan bed by PierAntonio Bonacina, with label


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Introduction to the Bonacina rattan bed

In the enchanting realm of bedroom furniture, there is a timeless creation from the artistic hands of PierAntonio Bonaccina, a masterpiece born in the vibrant 1970s. This Italian rattan bed is a testament to craftsmanship and design, a symbol of an era when furniture transcended mere functionality to become beautiful.

Bonacina rattan bed technical structure

The bed, designed entirely of wood and covered in the warmth of rattan, immediately catches the eye with its unique, flowing shape. It exudes an aura of softness and fluidity, as if the very essence of nature had been harnessed to create this magnificent piece.
What sets this bed apart is the remarkable craftsmanship of the rattan upholstery. Every inch is a testament to the skill of the craftsman, who can trace the intricate weave of the rattan filaments, a dance of natural fibres that invites you to reach out and touch its tactile beauty.

The shapes of the Bonacina rattan bed

As you explore the bed further, your eyes are drawn to its feet and the tips of the headboards, where a gently curved wooden frame bestows harmony upon the design. It’s as if the bed itself is a living, breathing creation, embracing the contours of the human form with grace and elegance. This bed is equipped with a slatted base that provides comfort and support for a restful sleep. The headboards, both high and low, possess a hypnotic undulating quality, which lends an air of fluidity and lightness to counterbalance the bed’s sturdy structure. It is a harmonious blend of form and function, a visual symphony of design. And to seal its authenticity and heritage, the bed proudly bears the PierAntonio Bonaccina maker’s mark, a branded stamp of quality. This bed is a true marvel, a piece of furniture that transcends time and style. It effortlessly finds its place in bedrooms with a natural, organic aesthetic, but it’s equally at home in modern settings, where its timeless beauty can shine. Owning this bed is like possessing a piece of history, a tangible link to an era where furniture was not just utilitarian but a reflection of the human spirit’s boundless creativity. It’s a masterpiece that invites you to dream, to rest, and to revel in the beauty of fine craftsmanship and inspired design. is accompanied by its slatted frame.

Mattress dimensions: Width 184 cm, depth 201 cm


Height: 44.49 in (113 cm)

Width: 68.12 in (173 cm)

Depth: 84.65 in (215 cm)


Wear consistent with age and use. In good condition, very slight wear and tear.