Pink sofa by Valeria Borsani and Bonetti


There exists a piece of furniture that embodies the spirit of the 1970s with unparalleled elegance—the Valeria Borsani and Alfredo Bonetti ‘D120’ sofa for Tecno.

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Experience the blend of vintage charm and modern comfort with the D120 sofa by Valeria Borsani and Alfredo Bonetti for Tecno, reupholstered in pink velvet.

Designed by Valeria Borsani and Alfredo Bonetti for Tecno, the D120 sofa is a hallmark of 1970s furniture design, combining classic elegance with robust functionality. This piece stands out for its deep commitment to comfort and style.

Elegant Design and Material

Upholstered in luxurious pink velvet, the sofa has been meticulously restored to maintain its vintage charm while ensuring it meets the comforts expected in contemporary interiors. The choice of pink velvet not only revitalizes the sofa but also adds a touch of warmth and texture, making it a striking focal point in any setting.

Robust Construction

The original structure from the period showcases the durability and quality craftsmanship characteristic of Tecno designs. The sofa’s robust framework is complemented by subtle yet distinct features like minimalistic steel legs that provide a modern contrast to the softness of the velvet.

Comfort and Durability

The reupholstered fabric and well-preserved structure ensure that the sofa provides both comfort and durability. Minor scratches and light wear are indicative of its age and history, adding character and authenticity to this exquisite piece.

Perfect for Modern Interiors

The D120 sofa is versatile enough to blend into various decor styles, from mid-century modern to contemporary chic. Its understated elegance and plush comfort make it ideal for anyone looking to add a timeless piece to their collection, offering both style and functionality.


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Height: 62 cm (24,40 in)
Width: 160 cm (63 in)
Depth: 84 cm (33,07 in)
Seat Height: 39 cm (15,35 in)


Wear consistent with age and use. Minor losses. The fabric is Reupholstery in pink velvet.