Paolo Buffa coffee table convertible in brass and glass


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Paolo Buffa coffee table convertible: A versatile design

Paolo Buffa Coffee tables have always been an essential piece of furniture in the living room, as they provide a convenient surface to rest drinks, books and other objects on. However, some coffee tables transcend their functional purpose and become works of art in their own right. One of these remarkable creations is the convertible coffee table attributed to the great 1950s designer Paolo Buffa. This exquisite piece of furniture not only showcases Buffa’s design prowess, but also offers unique features that make it an outstanding addition to any space.

The design of the convertible coffee table
Paolo Buffa coffee table convertible boasts a design that perfectly blends elegance and functionality. Made with a walnut frame, it exudes a timeless charm that fits both traditional and contemporary interiors. Attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship are evident in every aspect of the table.

Functionality and versatility
What sets this coffee table by Paolo Buffa apart is its exceptional versatility. The large wave-shaped side handles are not only aesthetically pleasing, they also have a practical function. They allow the coffee table to be easily moved and repositioned, ensuring user convenience. Whether one wants to rearrange the living room or simply adjust the position of the table, the handles make it easy.

The walnut frame and wave-shaped side handles
The use of walnut for the frame adds a touch of refinement to Paolo Buffa coffee table. Walnut wood is renowned for its rich, warm tones and natural grain, making it an excellent choice for furniture. The smooth finish and seamless joint further enhance the overall appeal of the coffee table.

The wave-shaped side handles not only serve as a decorative element, but also provide a functional aspect to the design. They allow the table to be easily grasped and lifted, making it easy to move at will. The curved lines of the handles add a touch of elegance, creating a visual harmony with the overall design.

Dual functionality: side table and food tray
One of the main features of this coffee table by Paolo Buffa is its dual functionality. The table top can be easily removed thanks to the handles, transforming it into an elegant food tray. This versatility allows snacks, drinks or breakfast in bed to be served without the need for additional trays. The smooth surface of the tray provides a stable platform, ensuring the safety of your items.

The decorative brass element
The decorative brass element, positioned below the top surface, adds charm to this coffee table by Paolo Buffa. This intricate brass element has multiple functions: it serves as a bottle holder or magazine rack. The geometric swirl pattern etched into the brass creates a visually appealing design element, enhancing the overall aesthetics.

Suitable for classic and postmodern environments
Paolo Buffa’s convertible coffee table is a versatile piece that harmonises well with different interior styles. Its timeless design makes it an ideal choice for classic as well as postmodern settings.


Height: 56 cm,

Width: 56,5 cm,

Depth: 35,5 cm


In good condition, brass in patina, wood has light scratches due to its age.