Osvaldo Borsani Large Dining Table for Tecno


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 Embrace timeless elegance with this large dining table by Osvaldo Borsani for Tecno, featuring a black finish that complements any sophisticated dining area.

Elegant Design

Introducing the Osvaldo Borsani large dining table for Tecno, a remarkable piece from the 1970s that embodies the essence of Italian design sophistication. This table’s expansive surface and minimalist aesthetic make it a focal point of any dining room, blending seamlessly with both contemporary and classic décor.

Craftsmanship and Materials

Constructed with meticulous attention to detail, this table showcases the innovative design principles that Osvaldo Borsani is renowned for. The sleek black finish not only enhances its visual appeal but also highlights the clean lines and angular form that are signature to Tecno’s style. The robust construction ensures it remains a lasting addition to your home, symbolizing durability and strength.

Versatile Functionality

Ideal for gatherings, this large dining table can comfortably accommodate family meals, formal dinners, or grand social events, making it as versatile as it is stylish. Its substantial size ensures it is suited for various settings, promising to be more than just a place to eat but a space to create memories.


Fine the perfect seating for this table <<here>>!


Height: 66 cm (26 inches)

Width: 240 cm (94.5 inches)

Depth: 120 cm (47.2 inches)


This table stands in good original vintage condition, with minor scratches and light wear that add character and narrate its history.