Michael Graves Bed Stanhope Model by Memphis Milano


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Michael Graves bed model “Stanhope” by Memphis Milano manufacturing, 1982 design.
This double bed designed by architect and designer Michael Graves for Memphis Milano in 1982 is an important piece of postmodern design. It also illustrates how Graves himself brought architectural forms and aesthetics from large-scale projects to the small-scale realm of furniture design. Graves thought of everything with “Stanhope” and designed a single piece that incorporates the bed itself, a lighting system, and nightstands. The Michael Graves bed frame takes a single European mattress and is decorated with root maple veneer, lacquered wood, mirror, brass, glass and 20 bulbs (EU 12v 3w) and perspex.


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Height: 105 cm (41.34 in.)

Width: 207 cm (81.49 in.)

Depth: 241 cm (94.88 in.)


The Michael Graves bed is in good and original vintage condition, scratches and wear consistent with its time and use.

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