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Prepare to be enchanted by the timeless beauty of the Extraordinary extending table, a magnificent creation by visionary Josef Hoffmann, in the late 19th and early 20th century Austrian ART NOUVEAU style.

Made of sturdy black lacquered wood, this extraordinary piece exudes an air of grandeur with its rigorous lines and pristine geometric shapes. However, it’s the base of this table that truly sets it apart, elevating it to a league of its own. Imposing and perfectly square, it commands attention with a sophisticated sheet of patinated brass enveloping its wooden core, creating a mesmerizing contrast of materials that leaves you spellbound.

Behold the solid and monumental pedestal, an ode to craftsmanship that speaks volumes about its timeless allure. As you gently reveal its secrets, the table top unveils its hidden treasures. With effortless grace, the shelf uncovers itself, inviting you to explore the depths of its inner sanctum.

Like a dance of elegance, two wooden slabs emerge from within, extending the table to accommodate even the grandest feasts and gatherings. Witness the seamless engineering that effortlessly transforms this piece into a grand stage for life’s most cherished moments. Delve beneath the top, and you’ll encounter a touch of mystery – a red-colored mark, a signature of authenticity and heritage, adding to the allure of this masterpiece.

With unparalleled elegance and refinement, this table is destined for regal dining rooms with a classic and sophisticated taste. Picture yourself surrounded by loved ones, basking in the splendor of this remarkable creation, as you create lasting memories that echo through the ages.Imagine the hushed whispers of admiration, the awe-inspiring gasps, and the knowing nods of appreciation from those who recognize the greatness of this masterpiece.

Indulge in the allure of a bygone era, where craftsmanship was revered, and design was an art form. Own this extraordinary piece of history and immerse yourself in the elegance and sophistication it bestows upon your space. Let the spirit of Josef Hoffmann infuse your surroundings with beauty and grace. Embrace the magic of this timeless creation, and make a statement of refinement that echoes through generations.

Complete your living room with this very large ART NOUVEAU Wall Lamp.

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Height: 30.32 in (77 cm)

Width: 43.31 in (110 cm)

Depth: 43.31 in (110 cm)


Height: 30.32 in (77 cm)

Width: 43.31 in (110 cm)

Depth:  (204 cm)


Refinished. Wear consistent with age and use. The table has been restored, but being a table over 100 years old, it may have minor defects.