Italian mirror by MetalVetro


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An exquisite wall mirror by MetalVetro Galvorane, crafted in the historic town of Siena, Italy, circa 1975, epitomises the timeless elegance of Italian design.

Fabrication of the MetalVetro mirror

The mirror, with its sinuously shaped oval form, commands immediate attention upon entering the room. Its frame, a striking blue, mirrors not only the physical form but also the craftsmanship of an era renowned for meticulous attention to detail.
Encased in this vibrant blue border is the mirror’s most captivating feature: a diamond cut finish that dazzles the eye. Each cut, a testament to the artisan’s skill, reflects light with a precision that enhances the overall allure, creating a dance of luminosity and shadow. As one peers into the blue, these cuts reveal a subtle yet intricate array of elegant designs, inviting the viewer to lose themselves in its depths. Label present.

Feature of MetalVetro mirror

At the heart of this artful arrangement lies the central mirror, oval and unadorned, a serene focal point amidst the surrounding spectacle of colour and light. This inherent sophistication makes the mirror not only a reflection of one’s physical appearance but also a reflection of one’s taste for the finer things in life.

Where to put the MetalVetro mirror

This piece, with its innate elegance, finds itself equally at home in both classically styled and sophisticated spaces as well as in the modern contemporary living rooms of today. It serves not merely as a household fixture but as a piece of art, elevating the ordinary to extraordinary and enriching the aesthetic fabric of any space it graces.

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Height: 35.44 in (90 cm)

Width: 25.6 in (65 cm)

Depth: 1.38 in (3.5 cm)


Wear consistent with age and use. In very good condition,Always remember that this is a vintage product and may show slight wear and tear.