Italian futurist sideboard Fillìa Luigi Colombo


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The age of the Italian futurist sideboard by Fillìa Luigi Colombo Attr.

The evocative allure of the rare Italian Futurist sideboard attributed to Fillìa Luigi Colombo beckons us to delve into its captivating details.

Technical characteristics of the Italian futurist sideboard by Fillìa Luigi Colombo Attr.

This exquisite piece, crafted from wood and adorned with a vibrant fusion of blue and red hues, stands as a testament to the artistic innovation of its time. Let us embark on an analytical journey, exploring the elements that make this sideboard a poignant relic of the Futurist era. Central to the design of this piece is the captivating geometric play that unfurls within its very core. A hallmark of the Futurist movement, this striking decorative motif reflects the relentless pursuit of progress and dynamism that defined the era. As we observe the intricate interplay of shapes and lines, we are transported to a realm where artistic expression and the mechanical world harmoniously intertwine.

Drawing our attention, a glass door reveals a hidden treasure within—the interior compartment designed to cradle cherished objects. This deliberate integration of practicality and aesthetic vision echoes the Futurist ethos, where functionality was imbued with artistic purpose. It is within this intimate space that we can imagine the secrets, curiosities, and personal artifacts of its time finding solace and protection.

A distinguishing detail that sets this sideboard and its companion pieces apart is the presence of red lacquered wooden knobs. These elegant adornments, akin to precious jewels, punctuate the surface, inviting our gaze and stimulating our senses. In their passionate hue, they infuse the piece with a vibrant energy, transforming it into an objet d’art that transcends mere functionality.

Historical era of the Italian futurist sudeboard by Fillìa Luigi Colombo Attr.

As we immerse ourselves in the context of the early 1930s, we cannot help but recognize the profound historical significance of this sideboard. It encapsulates the essence of the Futurist movement, a time marked by optimism, technological advancement, and a hunger for progress. The bold colors, the dynamic patterns, and the meticulous craftsmanship of this piece all bear witness to the audacity and vision of its creator and the movement that inspired it.

In conclusion, the rare Italian Futurist sideboard attributed to Fillìa Luigi Colombo is a testament to the convergence of art and design, manifesting in a harmonious fusion of form and function. Through its vivid colors, geometric intricacies, and thoughtful craftsmanship, it serves as a tangible link to a transformative era. Its emotional impact lies in its ability to transport us, even momentarily, to a time when artists dared to envision a future that embraced the boundless possibilities of human ingenuity.

Casa Balla in Rome a monument to the Futurist artistic movement

Futurism in art: summary and essential characteristics

The Futurists were a group of young intellectuals in love with progress who set out to break ties with the past and implement a revolution within society through deliberately provocative works.

Dimension the Italian Futurist Sideboard bu Fillìa Luigi Colombo:

Height: 97 cm

Width: 103 cm

Depth: 30 cm


Good original vintage condition.