Italian Floor Lamps Futurist Luigi Colombo Fillìa


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The Italian Futurist Floor lamp attr. to Luigi Colombo Fillìa

Step into the captivating world of the Futurist period, where artistic expression embraced the essence of innovation and Italian ingenuity.

Technical characteristics of the Italian Futurist lamp attributed to Luigi Colombo Fillìa

Immerse yourself in its sheer design, as the lamp stands tall, exuding an air of modernity and elegance. Its construction, meticulously fashioned from painted wood in shades of passionate red and profound blue, emanates a bold and striking aura. Amidst this vibrant era, behold the remarkable Italian floor lamp attributed to Luigi Colombo Fillìa, a masterpiece that gracefully transcends time, crafted circa 1920-1930.

The fusion of these vibrant hues stimulates the senses, inviting a harmonious dance of light and color into the room.The lamp’s form, seemingly simple at first glance, unveils subtle geometric hints that beckon contemplation. The vertical line, its resolute master, draws the eye upward, guiding attention towards its crown of illumination. The slender base, adorned with meticulous artistry, bears witness to Fillìa’s creative genius. Painted with stylized tigers, the wood captures the essence of power and grace, evoking a sense of untamed energy frozen in time.

When you look further, you discover spherical knobs, whose enchanting crimson shades echo the overall design of the lamp. These decorative accents both at the base and at the top weave a thread of cohesion with the other furniture presented that are part of the same living room, binding the lamp to the surrounding environment. A visual symphony unfolds, while the dynamic play of colors and shapes harmonizes, creating an environment that fascinates and makes you think.

And then, as if summoned by another kingdom, the lamp reveals its purpose with a bright explosion. Two lights adorn its pinnacle, projecting a soft and ethereal glow that transcends the boundaries of ordinary lighting. Their splendor permeates the room, projecting delicate shadows that dance and play, painting a captivating tableau on the walls. The duality of lights embodies the dawn of a new era, futurism in which innovation blends perfectly.

The story that emanates the Italian Futurist floor lamp attributed to Luigi Colombo Fillìa

This magnificent creation is more than just a futuristic design object; it is an embodiment of Italian history itself. Each stroke of Fillìa’s brush, each meticulously crafted detail, tells a tale of artistic revolution, a testament to the avant-garde spirit that defined the era. It stands as a living artifact, a bridge connecting the past to the present, and a poignant reminder of the enduring power of artistic expression.

Embrace this Italian floor lamp from the Futurist period attributed to Luigi Colombo Fillìa, and be transported to a time when imagination knew no bounds. Let it become a cherished centerpiece, a beacon of artistic brilliance that enriches not only your living space but your soul.

You want to discover the CASA BALLA, a theatre of excellence of Italian futurism.

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Dimensions The Italian Floor Lamps Att. Luigi Colombo Fillìa:

Height: 200 cm,

Diameter 35 cm

In original period good condition. Revision of the electrical system is recommended according to your country.