Futuristic geometric sofa with cotton fabric


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 Explore the Italian Futurist period with this exquisite sofa, beautifully preserved and reupholstered to blend historical artistry with contemporary elegance.


Historical Significance and Design Aesthetics

Step into the world of artistic revolution with this extraordinary Italian Futurist-era sofa, originating from the vibrant period of 1910-1915. This piece is not merely furniture; it is an embodiment of a revolutionary movement, its structure and design whispering tales of a transformative era in art and culture.

Preservation and Craftsmanship

The sofa’s wooden frame, marked by the passage of time, showcases a rich patina that tells stories of resilience and artistic resistance. Each imperfection and mark on the wood is a testament to its history and the enduring appeal of masterful craftsmanship. The frame features dual coatings—bright warm red on the inside and stark black on the back, emphasizing its bold geometric shapes.

Luxurious Upholstery and Comfort

Recently reupholstered in vibrant grey Italian cotton, the seat harmoniously interacts with the natural wood grain, creating a striking juxtaposition of textures and tones. This enhances the material’s inherent beauty, elevating the chair to new aesthetic heights. Accompanying the seat are plush cushions and roll cushions that wrap elegantly around the interior, adding layers of comfort and sophistication.

Futurist Elegance and Functional Art

The sofa exudes an air of Futurist elegance, with its rigid yet graceful lines and geometric shapes reflecting the avant-garde ethos of the movement. Ideal for rooms or lounges that blend classic tastes with a desire for historical narratives, this armchair promises to be more than just seating—it is a living artifact, ready to integrate into the fabric of your home and history.


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Height: 66 cm (25,99 in)

Width: 223 cm (87,8 in)

Depth: 92 cm (36,23 in)

Seat height: 41 cm (16,15 in)


Good; Reupholstered. Wear consistent with age and use. Wood shows patina and imperfections due to its age.