English Bar Cabinet from the Late 1800s


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Step into the past with this late 19th-century English bar cabinet. Discover a piece of timeless elegance, perfect for collectors of fine antique furniture.

Immerse yourself in the allure of the late 1800s with this exquisite English bar cabinet, a masterpiece that combines functionality with timeless elegance. Designed for the sophisticated collector or anyone who appreciates fine antique furniture, this cabinet not only stores spirits but also captivates with its mechanical ingenuity and classic aesthetic.

Elegant Design and Mechanical Innovation:

This bar cabinet is a marvel of Victorian craftsmanship. It features a unique expandable design where the side wings open to reveal a central section that smoothly rises, showcasing a storage area perfectly fitted for three bottles and a set of glasses. The mechanism operates seamlessly, reflecting the era’s love for both beauty and utility. Brass accents add a touch of luxury, enhancing the dark wood with a warm, inviting glow.

Rich Craftsmanship and Historical Heritage:

The woodwork on this piece is detailed and meticulous, showing off the skill of its creators. A rich patina covers the surface, telling tales of many decades. While the maker’s label has faded over time, the quality and style speak volumes about its origins, likely crafted by skilled English artisans known for their attention to detail and quality.


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Closed Configuration:

Height: 78 cm

Width: 59 cm

Depth: 61 cm

Open Configuration:

Height: 78 cm

Width: 112 cm

Depth: 61 cm

The cabinet’s design allows for an impressive display when open and a compact, elegant look when closed. This functionality makes it not only a piece of history but also a practical fixture suitable for modern use.


The cabinet is in commendable condition, considering its age. It maintains the original structure with normal signs of wear expected from a piece this old. The brass elements retain their original splendor, showing only slight signs of aging, which contributes to the overall character and authenticity of the piece.