Gavina sofa in white Bouclé ​​from the 70s


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Presenting the 1970s sofa by Gavina, with its original label, a monument to the ingenuity and aesthetics of Italian design from that tumultuous and innovative decade.

Structure of the Gavina Sofa

This sofa is like a poem written in wood and fabric, an ode to simplicity and functionality that sings the virtues of modernism in every line and corner. It proudly bears its original label. Solidly crafted in a modernist style, this sofa features simple yet highly modern and geometric lines.

Its rectangular structure is an example of pure geometry, a black lacquered wood rectangle that serves as a canvas on which a picture of comfort and style is painted. This structure is like a stage, a neutral backdrop that highlights the true stars: the cushions.

Ah, the cushions! Made in tubular and square shapes, they are like geometric clouds floating in this black wooden sky. Recently reupholstered in white bouclé, they emit warmth and elegance, transforming the sofa into an oasis of rest and refinement. They are the emotional heart of this piece, where body meets soul, where form meets function.

And there’s a wonderful feature: it can transform into a single bed. It’s as if the sofa has a double life, a double identity. By day, it’s an elegant piece of furniture; by night, it becomes a cozy refuge, a bed for dreaming and resting. Under the cushions, the bouclé-covered mattress is a hidden secret, a treasure to discover.

Functionality and History

This sofa is more than just furniture: it’s a piece of history, a witness to the evolution of mid-century Italian design. It’s a bridge between past and present, a dialogue between tradition and modernity. It’s ideal for modernist and contemporary styles but truly belongs wherever there is an appreciation for design that transcends fads and trends.

With this sofa, you’re bringing home not just a piece of furniture but a symbol of an era and a culture that elevated design to an art form. It’s an invitation to sit, relax, and reflect on the beauty and complexity of the world around us, a world that finds its purest and highest expression in objects like this, which speak not only to the body but also to the soul.

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Height: 69 cm (27.17 in)

Width: 224 cm (88.19 in)

Depth: 98 cm (38.59 in)

Seat Height: 44 cm (17.33 in)


Newly reupholstered in bouclé. In excellent condition, though as a vintage product, it may present slight scratches.