Chest of Drawers Attr. to Piero Portalupi


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The chest of drawers attributed to the well-known Italian architect Piero Portalupi is an exquisite piece of furniture from the early 20th century.

Made with the utmost attention to detail, it displays elegance and refinement in its design. This magnificent piece of furniture is not only a decorative element, but also a remarkable representation of Italian design history. With its exquisite workmanship and the association attributed to Piero Portalupi, it has both artistic and historical significance. Owning such a piece not only lends refinement to the home, but also offers potential for future financial appreciation. The exterior of the chest of drawers is made entirely of red lacquered wood, with a rich and vibrant appearance. This choice of Material enhances its appeal and highlights the craftsmanship of its creation. Upon opening each drawer, one is greeted by delightful decorative elements that adorn the interior. These intricate embellishments contribute to the overall charm and uniqueness of the cabinet, making it an eye-catching addition to any space. The attention to detail in both the exterior and interior design reflects the craftsmanship of Piero Portalupi. The functionality of the chest of drawers is enhanced by the presence of three drawers, each fitted with turned handles in burnished brass. This choice of Material adds a touch of refinement and contrasts beautifully with the red lacquered wood. The handles allow easy access and smooth operation of the drawers, ensuring practicality as well as aesthetics. In addition, the decorative elements applied to the sides of the cabinet further emphasise the craftsmanship of the piece. These intricate details, which mirror the design elements within the drawers, create a harmonious and cohesive aesthetic. The pyramid feet, aligned with the overall design, add a sense of stability and elegance to the chest of drawers.

Height: 37.8 in (96 cm)
Width: 51.19 in (130 cm)
Depth: 22.45 in (57 cm)


Wear consistent with age and use. In very good condition, the item being very old may have slight defects.