Cesare Lacca Coffee table


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Coffe table discovery

Discover the timeless elegance of the 1950s with this classic coffee table designed by the renowned Italian designer, Cesare Lacca.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this exquisite piece is a true testament to mid-century Italian design. The body of the table is constructed from rich walnut wood, renowned for its durability and deep, inviting hues.

Structure of the coffee table

At the heart of its design, the tabletop showcases a stunning geometric pattern, meticulously assembled from intricately cut wood inlays. These patterns not only add a visual allure but also reflect the sophisticated craftsmanship synonymous with the era. Each leg of this elegant table is also crafted from walnut, featuring gracefully carved feet that enhance its refined aesthetic. Linking these legs is a beautifully sculpted wooden decoration, which elegantly twists around the base, adding a touch of artistic flair that is both unique and captivating.

This Cesare Lacca coffee table does more than just serve a functional purpose; it brings with it an air of Italian charm and classicism. Its presence in any room guarantees to elevate the space, offering warmth and elegance that resonates well beyond its immediate visual appeal. Perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of mid-century designs, this coffee table stands as a symbol of style and sophistication, inviting admiration and conversation in equal measure. Whether you’re looking to complete a chic, vintage look or integrate a standout piece into a contemporary setting, this coffee table promises to blend seamlessly, making it a perennial favorite in any decor.

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Height: 17.33 in (44 cm)

Diameter: 27.56 in (70 cm)


Wear consistent with age and use. In original condition, we find light scratches and light wear. A small restoration is also possible upon request because the coffee table is in good vintage conditio