Carlo Nason Wall Lamps for Mazzega


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Carlo Nason Wall Lamps Set of three for Mazzega

Imagine stepping into a captivating time capsule that transports you straight to the glamorous allure of the 1970s. Set consisting of three Murano glass wall lamps.

Features of the Carlo Nason Wall Lamps

In this enchanting era of design, Carlo Nason, a master artisan, crafted a set of three wall or applique lamps that epitomize the essence of artistic brilliance. Working in collaboration with the esteemed Mazzega manufacture, Nason fashioned these extraordinary pieces from the finest hammered Murano glass, skillfully shaping them into fluid and rounded forms that exude elegance and sophistication.

As the soft glow emanates through the handcrafted glass, a dance of light and shadow begins, casting a mesmerizing play of colors and textures on the surrounding walls. The attention to detail is astounding – every curve and line meticulously thought out to create a symphony of visual harmony. It’s as though the lamps breathe life into the space, becoming more than mere fixtures but ethereal art pieces that enchant anyone who lays eyes upon them.

But these lamps are not just about beauty alone; they possess a soul within their steel-slatted structure. The sturdy yet graceful frame embraces the glass with a loving embrace, giving the lamps a sense of durability and timelessness. Their presence is commanding, yet their delicacy makes them inviting and warm, a perfect balance of strength and softness.

Discover their beauty of Carlo Nason Wall Lamps

Inside each lamp lies a glowing heart – a radiant light that beams with warmth and grace. When lit, the room is bathed in a soft, gentle ambiance that instantly transforms any space into a modern haven of sophistication. These lamps possess a magical quality to elevate the atmosphere, creating an intimate cocoon where conversations flow, dreams weave, and memories are etched forever.

Bringing these masterpieces into your home is akin to claiming a piece of Italian artisanal history. With each glance, you’ll be reminded of the rich heritage and craftsmanship that flows through the veins of these lamps, connecting you to a legacy of excellence and artistic genius. They are more than objects; they are storytellers, narrating tales of a bygone era while seamlessly fitting into the contemporary aesthetics of today.

Owning this exquisite set is an invitation to immerse yourself in the captivating allure of the past while embracing the spirit of modernity. It is a journey through time and style, an ode to the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. As you bask in the glow of their luminance, you’ll feel a sense of pride, knowing that you are the guardian of a truly glamorous set, preserving a fragment of design history within the walls of your abode.

In the presence of Carlo Nason’s artistry, you’ll find yourself enchanted, drawn into a world where beauty knows no bounds. These lamps transcend the ordinary, and with their poetic charm, they whisper to your soul, creating a profound connection with the artist’s vision. So, step into the world of timeless elegance, and let these exquisite wall lamps become the spotlight of your home, illuminating not just the space but also the passion for art and design that resides within you.

Discovery Carlo Nason

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Height: 10.83 in (27.5 cm)

Width: 10.83 in (27.5 cm)

Depth: 6.7 in (17 cm)


In good original condition, has only very light scratches. Renewal of the electrical wiring is recommended according to the regulations of your country.