Boffi Italian Designer Steel Frame Mirror


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Reflect upon contemporary elegance with this imposing Boffi mirror, a specimen of recent Italian design imbued with the innovative spirit of the 2010s.

Framed in a thick, deliberately minimalist steel, this rectangular mirror is a testament to the mastery of metal craftsmanship, marrying functionality and beauty into a single art form.

The frame, with its industrial charm and burnished finish, robustly and securely encases the glass, offering a captivating visual contrast that captures and uniquely reflects light. Its ability to be positioned both vertically and horizontally allows for decorative versatility that naturally adapts to any setting, from the most intimate residential spaces to grand exhibition halls.

The Boffi mirror stands out not only for its manufacturing quality but also for its distinctive style that converses with the surrounding space, creating a focal point of refined simplicity. Each reflection becomes a work of art, each glance an exchange, a window open to possible worlds and personal visions. Bringing this mirror into a home or office means choosing to surround oneself with functional beauty, with a design that transcends fashion and becomes an icon of timeless elegance. An object that does not merely reflect images but, with its presence, invites contemplation of the essence of modern living, elevating the everyday into a moment of pure style. Read our blog

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Height: 96.46 in (245 cm)
Width: 55.12 in (140 cm)
Depth: 3.55 in (9 cm)
Wear consistent with age and use. The mirror is in excellent and original condition, minor scratches and light wear consistent with its age and use.