Aldo Guarnieri Wooden Sculpture


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Delve into the mesmerising world of modern art with Aldo Guarnieri’s wooden sculpture, an impressive piece that harmonises form, space, and creativity.

Immerse yourself in the artistry of Aldo Guarnieri with this captivating wooden sculpture. Standing tall at 178.5 cm, this piece combines raw beauty with intricate craftsmanship. Its unique design features a series of carved blocks and voids that play with light and shadow, creating a dynamic visual experience from every angle.

Craftsmanship and Design:

Created by the renowned artist Aldo Guarnieri, this sculpture is a testament to his mastery in transforming ordinary wood into extraordinary art. The sculpture’s complex pattern of interlocking pieces not only demonstrates technical skill but also evokes a sense of architectural precision. It stands on a robust base, equipped with wheels for easy movement, showcasing its practical adaptability alongside artistic merit.

Material and Practicality:

Crafted from high-quality wood, the sculpture’s rich tones and smooth finish highlight the natural beauty of the material. The substantial size of the sculpture makes it a commanding presence in any room, ideal for both residential and corporate environments. Its mobility enhances its functionality, allowing it to be a versatile addition to any art collection.

A Piece of History:

Owning this Aldo Guarnieri sculpture is not just about adding a piece of art to your collection—it’s about embracing a piece of cultural history, a snapshot of artistic innovation that continues to inspire and captivate.


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Height: 178.5 cm

Width: 58 cm

Depth: 31 cm


It remains in good original condition, preserving the essence and authenticity of Guarnieri’s artistic vision.