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Interview with Salvatore Poddighe, founder of Home Stylist Milano

Today, we had the opportunity to interview Salvatore Poddighe, founder of Home Stylist Milano and Interior Designer. What sets him apart? An eclectic style with vintage nuances.

Could you tell us about your professional journey?

I come from over twenty years of experience in the world of fashion and luxury, and I’ve always had a great passion for mid-century design, the realm of grand masters like Gio Ponti, Carlo Mollino, Franco Albini, and many others. I fondly recall one of the many openings I organized at DG with fashion designers, where we furnished spaces with vintage pieces. It was there that my passion grew even stronger. I continue to conduct research, study, and acquire unique pieces that now compose my private collection. It is my experience, vision, and personal taste that make me a tailor of the home, capable of customizing the environment just as a tailor would do with a garment.

How would you describe the style that characterizes your interior design work?

It’s a bit challenging to define a specific style. What distinguishes me is the blending of vintage and contemporary elements, so perhaps I would describe it as an eclectic vintage style.

bed and pillow salvatore poddighe

Credit to Salvatore Poddighe

Where do you draw inspiration from to create the right style?

I’m fascinated by forgotten elegance, so often my inspiration comes from the dwelling itself. In my projects, I always strive to respect the dwelling’s architectural heritage while interpreting the client’s desires. Through that mix of vintage and contemporary elements, I aim to create what could be called the imperceptible force of beauty.

How do you approach clients and present your vision?

I believe that establishing a relationship with the client is fundamental to realizing a project and bringing it to life. Understanding their desires, lifestyle, and integrating them into the dwelling is key to creating a unique, special, and exclusive outcome.

Are there any particular designers or eras that inspire you?

Historical references form the foundation of my work. One of the designers who inspires me is Carlo Mollino, among many others. The 1950s and 1960s are particularly inspiring to me because I believe the craftsmanship of that era is irreplaceable today.

What is your signature touch? Is it possible to combine vintage and contemporary elements?

My distinctive mark, my author’s touch, is precisely the combination of vintage and contemporary elements. Often, the contrasts in colors, eras, and different materials that I propose evoke emotions and bring fluidity to the spaces, making them unique and special.

What do you leave with your clients?

What I leave my clients with is a place to live, to be shared with their partners or families—a space filled with emotions, comfort, and beauty.

Where do you start in your projects, and what do clients request from you?

Everything starts with identifying the style of the residence and how to enhance it based on the client’s requests while aiming to make it contemporary while preserving its originality. Clients usually ask me to create tailor-made spaces that reflect their taste and needs, with a unique and original touch.

Is there a growing demand for Mid Century design?

In recent years, people’s tastes have changed completely. Minimalism has given way to refined and unique environments. The search for special and one-of-a-kind pieces is an integral part of a project. That’s why the demand for significant vintage pieces has increased. Homes have become spaces to live in and showcase, where hospitality and exhibition go hand in hand.

Dreams between reality and feasibility?

I believe that the concept of reality and feasibility is outdated. Today, we have an endless array of ideas and opportunities at our disposal. Behind the realization of every project lies extensive research, with meticulous attention to detail. To make it all possible, I harness the unique and marvelous aspects of our Italian design, blending vintage and contemporary elements—all, of course, through the lens of Home Stylist Milano.