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Fontana Arte: An Avant-garde Made in Italy

Italian Design and Research Made in Italy

When it comes to Italian design and Made in Italy research in the field of interior decoration, Fontana Arte is the name that immediately comes to mind. For ninety years, this company has been a spokesperson for trends and avant-garde movements in the artistic and industrial sectors.

Coffee table Fontana ArteFontana Arte’s Origins and Visionary Approach

Fontana Arte was founded in 1932 by the architect Gio Ponti as a natural and progressive evolution of Luigi Fontana’s glassworking business, specializing in glass processing on an international level. Thanks to its visionary and forward-thinking approach, the founder bet on the potential of glass as a versatile, flexible, and elastic raw material capable of transforming into unique works of art.

Interpreting Design with an Italian Spirit

Fontana Arte’s focus lies in interpreting and reinterpreting the concept of design with the distinctively Italian spirit that emphasizes quality, prestigious materials, and technology. It is a perfect mechanism fueled by the creative act of the artist and contextualized by market demand.

Gio Ponti side tables for fontana arte

Collaborations and Innovation

Fontana Arte reached the pinnacle of its prestige during collaborations with Max Ingrand, a renowned French master glassmaker, Lucio Fontana, the father of Informal Art, and architect Roberto Menghi. These collaborations formed a creative crossroads between avant-garde movements and innovative solutions.

The Period of Gae Aulenti’s Leadership

After the departure of architect Gio Ponti, Fontana Arte experienced another period of splendor under the passionate leadership of a team of entrepreneurs and the artistic direction of Gae Aulenti, a celebrated interior designer who had previously collaborated with the company. Notable personalities such as Renzo Piano, Franco Raggi, Daniela Puppa, and Piero Castiglioni contributed their ingenuity and creativity during this period.

Meticulously Crafted Collections

Among the creations of the Milanese factory, it is impossible not to mention the exclusive and meticulously crafted collections of lamps made from carefully selected glass. These include blown glass, pressed glass, opalescent glass with shimmering and iridescent reflections, and crystal glass with precious finishes. Fontana Arte also embraces cutting-edge high-tech materials to ensure high-performance aesthetics, robustness, and durability.

Iconic Designs: Uovo and Pirellina

Two enduring designs from Fontana Arte are Uovo and Pirellina. These designs have been revisited in terms of materials and are now accessible for competitive budgets in the Home24 collection.

Uovo Fontana Arte

Uovo by Fontana Arte. Credit to Fontana Arte

Uovo: A Lamp of Creativity and Surprise The Uovo lamp, born from the creativity of interior design genius Ben Swildens, is ironic, intelligent, and surreal. It shifts attention from the known to the unknown, functioning like Duchamp’s Fountain (Urinal). With its oval shape and converging lines, it generates curiosity, surprise, and a “wow effect” in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Pirellina: The Essence of Minimal Chic Pirellina, designed by Gio Ponti in 1967, embodies the essence of minimal chic. The “less is more” concept comes to life in this linear lamp where curved glass plates are held together by metal and aluminum elements. It represents purity and robustness in a stylish manner.

Fontana Arte: Tradition, Innovation, and Creative Boundaries

Fontana Arte continues to be a prominent name in the world of Italian design, blending tradition with innovation and pushing the boundaries of creativity in the field of interior decoration.